Letter from the Principal – Updates

Dear PPSEL Family,

Above all, I want to recognize the heavy lift that COVID and its complications have placed on families. No decisions about e-learning, quarantines, or other aspects of this situation have been taken lightly.  As you might imagine, there are so many factors in deciding what is best and no matter what is decided, there is someone who believes that the opposite decision should have been made. So I want to thank you for working with us and for a positive partnership.
I want to let you know that PPSEL is still planning on returning to school on Tuesday, January 5th (the 4th has always been a Teacher Professional Day). We were able to create systems that gave us months without COVID in the fall.  With a vaccine arriving, we are encouraged with a hope that we will begin to see numbers decline. Part of our work on the 4th will be reviewing with staff the protocols that keep staff and students safe, and we will renew our efforts to keep socially distant, keep masks in place where applicable, and monitor symptoms.
I do want to give a major caution, though.  This is a little like a snow storm.  Our plan could be to have school, but a storm could come in and force a snow day.  If the virus shifts in a dramatic way, we might need to reevaluate our decisions, or the county may change it for us.  We will continue to plan for a return on the 5th, but if anything changes, you will be the first to know.
Students who are e-learners (not just the last several weeks) will still be able to remain in e-learning. 5th and 6th grade e-learners will revert back to e-learning with Ms. Schatzabel (she may continue to be out for personal reasons when we return, but if so, she will have a substitute teacher until she returns.)
Thank you for being a valuable part of what we do at PPSEL!
Don Knapp, M.A.Ed.
Executive Director/Principal
Pikes Peak School of Expeditionary Learning
11925 Antlers Ridge Dr.
Falcon, CO 80831

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