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Current Homework

-Book Bingo: Bring a book Friday, Activity sheet is due Monday (when we get back from the weekend)
-Reading due Thursday (week 8) -finish the book

-Spring Break: We will not have Book Bingo over spring break. Students will read for two hours and have a parent sign off (it can be on lined paper if you can't print it) on the sheet below.

-Monday: no homework
Xtramath (3 days a week)

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6th Grade:

        Welcome to middle school! In middle school students will get new and exciting responsibilities, such as lockers. They will change classes more often, and have three different teachers. This also means that students will need to be responsible for their homework across their different classes. On this website I will post the homework so that even if they forget it at school, they can still complete it at home. If there are homework assignments that are repeated I will send out an email and post it here to let you know the schedule for that assignment. 

          Absence: If a student is absent they are expected to check the bin for the work they missed. We will decide how many days they have to make it up based on the days they were absent and what will work best for your individual student. Some work they will need to find a time to come in and work with me to complete ( I will note which assignments those are on the assignment). If they have any questions while completing these assignments I will be more than happy to answer them. 

         Missing work: Students will have 2 school days to complete any missing work and turn it in for up to 80% credit. Students may come in before school, after school, or at lunch/recess by appointment to work on these missing assignments if they (or you) do not believe they will do it at home. 

         Book Bingo: Every Friday we will do book bingo. Students need to make sure they have a free choice book with them. This can be any book, including graphic novels, scripts, poems, ect. as long as it is school appropriate. If they have their own book they will be allowed to have a snack during this time. If they are borrowing a book from the class library, I ask that they do not eat snack to keep the books clean for everyone. At the end of class each student will get to pick an activity sheet to fill out. There are directions on each sheet that they need to complete as well as using craftsmanship (we will model this expectation in class). This sheet is due every Monday, the only exception is if we do not have school Friday. If they turn it in completed and on time they will get a sticker on their bingo sheet. A three in a row will earn them a reward that they can pick in class. If they are absent they are responsible for asking me for a sticker when they turn in their book bingo activity sheet. 


5th Grade: 

       In our first week of math I will go over a math agreement with your child, and I will send it home for you to sign. In 5th grade they will have math homework most nights. They will have the opportunity to start it during class (for about 20-25 minutes), and will be expected to finish it at home. The homework will be posted on my website each week. It will also be in their planner and on their homework tracker. This homework tracker is a great way for us to stay connected about what work I have seen. 

       At the beginning of each class we will grade homework that was assigned the class before. This is also when I will sign their homework tracker to indicate if it was done or not. If the homework is missing, your child will have two days to make up the homework/classwork and get it to me. They will also be responsible for helping me grade their homework (before school, after school, or at lunch/recess, just let me know when). If your student is absent I will grade their missing homework for them. When they return from their absence their missing work will be in a file folder in my classroom. We will decide how many days they have to make it up based on the days they were absent and what will work best for your individual student.