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Literacy: Chains - Final draft of Amazon-style book review/summary due Monday
History: None
Math: Finish fraction/decimal/percent chart from class
Literacy: Chains - Chapter 43/44 by Thursday
History: Finish first draft of colonial-frustration poem
Math: Lesson 81, practice c-g, problem set 1-15
Literacy: Chains - Chapter 41 by tomorrow
History: Finish first drafts of First Continental Congress writing and Battle at Lexington and Concord writing
Math: Lesson 79, all practice problems, problem set 1-10
Literacy: Chains - Chapter 41 by Tuesday
History: None
Math: None
Literacy: Chains - 24 by tomorrow
History: Finish drafts of Boston Massacre/Crispus Attucks obituary
Math: Lesson 71, problems 1-15
Literacy: Chains - 24 by Tuesday
History: Finish drafts of any Freedom Press writing
Math: Lesson 72, problems 16-30
Literacy: Chains - 24 by Tuesday
History: Draft of quartering act article, answer Stamp Act question
Math: Lesson 72, problems 1-15
Literacy: Chains - 21 and 22 read by tomorrow
History: Plan and first draft of Proclamation of 1763 editorial
Math: Lesson 74, problem set 16-30

Literacy: Chains - 21 and 22 read by Thursday
History: Final draft of Colony Design brochure
Math: Lesson 74, problem set 1-15
Literacy: Chains - 18, 19, and 20 read by Tuesday. Summaries packet completed by Tues, as well.
History: None
Math: None

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July 30, 2018

Dear parents of new 5th graders,

I am so excited about the upcoming school year!!  We have a lot of great things to learn this year, and I can’t wait to get to know your child.

Let me begin by introducing myself.  I am Tim Mason-Osann and I've been teaching at PPSEL since 2016. Before working at PPSEL, I taught English language to refugees in northern Vermont. After working in education in Vermont for 6 years, I completed my Masters in Teaching. Outside of school I am an active person, enjoying biking, backpacking, and hiking in all seasons, and love the Colorado mountains. I also am a musician, playing drums and piano and performing weekly with a jazz group with Mr. Sweeney, PPSEL’s music teacher. I like to be involved with my greater community and my teaching philosophy reflects this.

Teaching your child is a privilege, and it comes with great responsibility.  I will do my best to make sure every student has a motivating and engaging year in a safe environment.  However, I cannot do this alone:  I ask for your help to ensure your child has a successful year.  Below I have included some information about classroom policies and practices.  

Homework policy:

Fifth grade is a big transition year for students. They will be much more independent in the classroom as well as with their homework to begin to prepare for middle school. As a general rule, PPSEL students have 10 minutes of homework for each year they are in school, which means that 5th graders should be prepared for about 50 minutes of homework each night  In addition, students should read 20 minutes per day.  Homework due dates are firm and students will lose credit for late work.

Students with an excused absence will have 2 days for each day absent to make-up work. If your child is missing work I will send a notification home for parents to sign and return. Communication between school and home is imperative to help students be successful.

Students will be given a planner at the beginning of the year and will write homework in their planner each day.  Organization and responsibility for assignments is an important skill, and we develop this skill through the use of their planners.  I require a parent or guardian to sign the planner daily to acknowledge what your student has been assigned.  I also post homework on my webpage on the PPSEL website daily.  Please feel free to check there, or email me, if your child’s planner is unclear.  

Expedition fieldwork:

As an Expeditionary Learning school, much of our learning is done through the utilization of experts in the field we are studying.  In order to facilitate this fieldwork, we need parents who are willing to drive several students to the fieldwork location.  In the past, we have had great success in having enough drivers to get all our students where they need to be and hope to continue this through this school year.  As soon as fieldwork is confirmed, we will send home an announcement and permission slip.  The permission slip will contain a spot for parents to sign up to be fieldwork drivers.  We appreciate all the effort it takes to make yourself available for your student to participate in fieldwork.

Classroom Management:

In our classroom, we work with individual and whole class management systems.

Whole Class: The students work together and encourage each other to exemplify the school’s character traits (compassion, craftsmanship, integrity, self-discipline, and respect). The students will individually be recognized and positively praised for demonstrating these traits throughout the day.


Individual: Students will be given a checkbook at the beginning of the school year.  They will also apply for classroom jobs that keep our classroom running smoothly.  They can earn money for being at school and doing their “job” as a 5th grader and showing their character traits.  On the other hand, they can lose money if they are not completing their duties or making poor choices.  Once a month, we will have an auction where students can purchase special items using their money from their checkbooks.

The auction is generally a huge success and motivator for the students, and it works well when there is a variety of small items to sell. If you are able, the classroom would be appreciative of donations of anything that we could add to our auction.


Instead of “Specials” this year, your student will be choosing electives.  They will have the choice of a Music, Art, PE, or Media elective for Monday/Wednesday morning, Tuesday/Thursday morning, Monday/Wednesday afternoon, and Tuesday/Thursday afternoon.  They must take one of each type elective at least once during the year.  If students want to do band, Mr. Sweeney will host an information meeting for parents at the beginning of the year.

Other Attached Information:

Attached to this letter are several items that need to be read and/or filled out and signed.  Please make sure to read the Parent/Student/Teacher contract.  It must be signed by your student, also.  If possible, I would like to have all completed paperwork back to me by Monday, August 6.  

Dress Code:

PPSEL requires students wear uniforms Monday through Thursday.  Please review the handbook (the link can be found on the main page at PPSEL.org) to ensure your student is in compliance with the dress code daily.  


Email is the preferred method of communication during the day.  Because I am with students all day, I cannot guarantee I will read your email immediately. However, I will respond within 24 hours. My email address is tim.mason-osann@ppsel.org. The school phone number is 719-522-2580.  If you want to speak to me, please feel free to leave a message and I will call back at my earliest convenience.  We can also schedule a time to meet in person before or after school.  

I am so excited about this school year!!  I am eager to work with you as a team to ensure your student’s success.  Thank you for all you do!


Tim Mason-Osann

5th Grade Teacher

Pikes Peak School of Expeditionary Learning


We will develop our class rules and expectations at the beginning of the school year. However, as always, students are expected to work toward the 5 PPSEL Character Traits at all time. Check back later and more will be posted.

-Mr. Mason-Osann

I am not a native to Colorado, but am very excited to be living here. I began my teaching career teaching experiential learning at Eckerd Youth Alternatives in North Carolina. Afterward, I worked for several mental health agencies in Vermont in the field of behavior management, teaching emotional, social, and behavioral skills to students. I was fortunate to be able to gain experience in public schools as well as an alternative K-6 school.
In 2016 I completed my Masters in Teaching, with a specialty in English to speakers of other languages. Teaching English to refugee students between 2nd and 5th grade taught me the power of learning, and the love that many students, including those refugee students, have for learning.
I started at PPSEL in 2016 teaching 5th grade.
Outside of school I play drums and piano in a jazz quartet with PPSEL's music teacher and my friend, Mr. Sweeney. We perform weekly in Colorado Springs.