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Dear Parents,

Welcome to kindergarten!

Here are few things to know for the school year: PE: the students have PE Monday, they need to have sneakers on Mondays. If they do not wear them to school, please send a pair of sneakers for your student to change into before PE. Snack: Every child is responsible for bringing his/her snacks on a daily basis. Please send something that is healthy and quick to eat for snack. We have a morning and afternoon snack. Water Bottles: These are highly encouraged, as it will make accessing water quicker and more often possible. Students will keep these in their backpacks and may pull them out during water breaks or when there is a break during transitioning between activities. Backpacks: Children need to come to school each day with a backpack. A planner will travel back and forth to school each day, which may contain homework or communication from the school or me. Thank you for all your help with these items. Please let me know if you have any questions. My email is Wyndie.campbell@ppsel.org.


Mrs. Campbell,

We are collecting Box Tops

Class Rules

Uniform Policy

Students attending Pikes Peak School of Expeditionary Learning will be required to wear a school uniform that consists of a plain colored (not plaid or stripes) polo shirt embroidered with the school logo. Slacks, neat jeans, skirts and shorts are acceptable coordinates. However, nothing more than four inches above the knee is allowed at school.  If students come without the designated uniform and appropriate clothing for the weather or circumstance, teachers are responsible to inform the office so that parents may be informed. Please be aware that “appropriate clothing for the weather or circumstance” means that PPSEL teachers and the PPSEL office have the authority to deem what is appropriate and what is not. Items such as pajama pants, inappropriate shoes or other items that are deemed not to be appropriate for a school setting will not be allowed. If a student consistently refuses to comply with the uniform policy, parents will be required to pick up their child for the remainder of the day.  Pre-kindergarten students are not required to follow the uniform policy. Sweatshirts, hoodies or other jackets may not be worn during class unless they are official sweatshirts with the PPSEL logo.  A uniform polo shirt needs to be worn underneath, as well. Finally, uniform shirts may not be cut, changed or altered, tied up in any many or worn in any way other than intended.

PPSEL requires a school uniform for many reasons. School uniforms build school spirit, show pride in one’s appearance and advertise the school.  A school uniform is more economical for parents. It lessens peer and social pressure to buy clothing that represents the latest fashion trend. Uniformity also has tremendous safety benefits.  School uniforms are invaluable when we leave school grounds for fieldwork activities because they allow teachers and volunteers to quickly identify Pikes Peak School of Expeditionary Learning students among a larger group.

On days that students have Physical Education (P.E.), students need shoes that the P.E. teacher feels will keep students’ feet and bodies safe.

Dress Code for Non-Uniform Days, Events and Activities

Occasionally, there will be times when the uniform requirement could be waived.  Those times could include, but not be limited to Fridays, school sponsored sports events, fine arts events, student school social activities, etc.

On those occasions that are school related “uniform free” days or functions, the dress code is as follows:

Apparel containing printed or visual messages that are inappropriate in a school setting (i.e., alcohol, tobacco, controlled substances, sexual references, profanity, “double meaning”, derogatory comments, gang affiliations, etc.) will necessitate a change in clothing.  Clothing is not to be tight, suggestive, revealing, or distracting, i.e. torn, “sagged/low riding, and/or baggy.”  See-through, bare midriff, spaghetti straps and tank tops are not appropriate.

·         Nice pants, leggings, sweat pant outfits; jeans and jean shorts that are hemmed (not frayed or torn) are acceptable.  Shorts and cutoffs must be no shorter than four inches above the middle of the knee.  Children should wear appropriate clothing for weather conditions.

·         Skirts and dresses should not be shorter than four inches above the middle of the knee.  Shorts must be worn under dresses during P.E. and recess. 

·         Sweatshirts and t-shirts with appropriate pictures, logos or words may be worn.  Collared shirts, turtleneck and mock-turtleneck shirts, and sweaters are acceptable.

Hats or caps are not to be worn in the building.

Additional Information


At PPSEL, much of our learning is done through the use of experts in the field.  This means we will often invite experts to come to school to speak to our students or to help them have a hands-on learning experience.  If you have special skill related to our kindergarten Common Core State Standards, and would be willing to be an expert in our classrooms, please let us know.  We are always looking for experts!!

We also go out on fieldwork to see experts.  When we go on fieldwork, we utilize parent drivers to safely transport our kiddos. All parent driver/chaperones must have completeed backgroud check. The background forms are avliable in the office. We try to give at least two weeks’ notice for fieldwork trips to allow parents that wish to drive the opportunity to make arrangements.  We will also send home a permission slip for parent signature to allow students to attend the fieldwork.  With that permission slip, we include any information about what students need to bring.

Items Not Allowed At School:  

There are some items that are not allowed at school, and we wanted to specifically name some items students have brought in the past.  This includes:

·         Weapons (real/toy)

·         Electronics such as iPods and games

·         Unhealthy snacks

·         Flip flops


Expedition Info

It's a Small World After All

In this expedition, students will begin with focusing on the past and present. They will compare their life to those of children in the past.  Students will then study art and music from around the world, comparing and contrasting them to other cultures as well as their own.  Throughout the expedition, the students will be exposed to various songs and arts from different countries to discover how children from around the world express themselves. 

Mrs. Campbell graduated from University of Northern Colorado with a Masters in Elementary Education. She also has a bachelor’s degree in business from Arkansas Tech University.

Mrs. Campbell is originally from Arkansas. She now lives in Falcon with her husband and two children. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, crafts, and being outdoors. During breaks, she loves to travel with her family.