We recognize that for some families, learning onsite and in the building isn’t possible in August. The state is allowing us, during this crisis, to conduct learning at home for these families. We cannot stress enough that the strength of our school model is contact with teachers and peers. We believe that students will do best in the classroom. We do, however, recognize that this isn’t possible for some families due to vulnerable populations, immunity concerns, or overall fear of the virus. Families that choose this option can also choose to return at any time. Families cannot, however, pick and choose days to be at school. For example, students cannot learn from home and come for a party, for a guest speaker or fieldwork.
If your family needs to choose the learn at home option, your first step is to fill out the form below. The school will be in contact concerning details at a later date once the form is received and processed. Allow several days for your form to be processed, please.

*Only students currently enrolled at PPSEL are eligible for Home Learning Registration.