Family Forms and Paperwork

Parents and Guardians need to fill out the following forms prior to the first day of school. Please contact the Main Office with questions.

  1. Schoolwide emails, our “Google Group“, are announcements from the Main Office.  It is optional, but highly encouraged to sign-up to get all of the official information going home to families. Sign up for the emails here.
  2. The school has approved embroidery experts.  They can be found on our website.
  3. Household Information and Emergency Contact: email the office and they will send you a link to the form.  It is not here for security purposes.
  4. Annual Health Information Form: Please print, fill out and return. Alternatively, this can also be filled out in PowerSchool.
  5. Volunteers in the classroom or chaperones on fieldwork must fill out the form and pay the fee. There is an online form that you can use.
  6. In addition to a background check, parents who want to volunteer must fill out the training.  Here is the volunteer training.
  7. In order for students to use technology and all its facets at PPSEL, we must receive an Acceptable Use Agreement.
  8. At PPSEL, there is a lot of Fieldwork offsite.  While teachers will send information for each activity, we have a form that gives permission for the whole year. Off Campus Permission Slip
  9. If you would like to request access to PowerSchool, especially important in Middle School because grades will be posted there, you can fill out this form. PowerSchool Access Request
  10. The school posts photos of students (without names) on social media. Permission is given as part of the handbook. Parents can opt out of this easily by using this form: Photo Permission Opt-Out Form
  11. Authorization for student pick-up. email the office and they will send you a link to the form.  It is not here for security purposes.


Some families will have a need to fill out other health forms.  See the forms below. Print, fill out, and bring to the office as needed:

Anaphylaxis Care Packet form

Medication for the clinic form

Asthma Care Plan

Minor medication permission form