School Closure

Dear PPSEL Family,

I have some important news to share with you. Following an executive order from the Governor’s office, and due to concerns about COVID-19 and our desire to keep our community safe, PPSEL will be closed until at least April 17th.  This decision comes directly from the Governor and doesn’t allow us the choice.

As you can imagine, some of the details are still coming and still being figured out, but most of all I want you to know that I got into education to help students, and we will be working toward helping students within the constraints given to us. I know there are a lot of obstacles, but we will help any way that we can.

During our closure, students will have e-learning days.  Just as we have previously, we will provide the assignments for students to do.  Attendance will be taken based on students returning assignments to the teacher who assigned them. Assignments will also be graded and count toward final grades. Please expect lessons to be a little more involved and in depth than regular snow day e-learning, as the extended nature of this closure means we have to consider long-term learning. E-learning for snow days was just a way to make sure students were able to keep their mind sharp and practice a little.  E-learning for extended closure will look different.

Teachers will still be active on their email during the day to provide assistance.  We again ask that you communicate with teachers directly rather than posting questions on social media where the answers may or may not reflect the full thinking of the teacher.  We want to avoid any confusion from varying messages. If you have difficulty hearing back from a teacher, let me know and I will rectify it immediately.  Teacher office hours are from 10-3 Monday-Friday.

For those that cannot access the work electronically, we will have office hours at PPSEL.  Families will be able to pick-up copies of work (or alternative work).  These hours and details will be sent home soon.

Social media will not be the place that PPSEL coordinates e-learning.  Most information will be sent home via our Google Groups.  If you haven’t signed up, go to our website under the parent tab.

Thank you for working with us during this time. We know that there will be some bumps as we navigate unforeseen obstacles, but we appreciate your patience. Look for more specific details over the next week.



Don Knapp, M.A.Ed.
Executive Director/Principal
Pikes Peak School of Expeditionary Learning
11925 Antlers Ridge Dr.
Falcon, CO 80831

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