PPSEL is a high performer!

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PPSEL performs best in the district according to the state of Colorado! The state evaluates schools based on their performance on state testing. We are given scores for academic achievement and academic growth in Math, English Language Arts, and Science. These scores are placed on a School Performance Framework. PPSEL outperformed every other school in the district on this framework. We are so proud of the work that we are doing and its impact on students. We don’t do a lot of test preparation like some schools, we simply stay true to our model of EL Education and trust that our methods will bring about results, and they do! Our students get exposure to real world experiences through experts, fieldwork, group work, projects, and many other things. We believe this gives students real life skills that go beyond tests and “school formats” that aren’t encountered as adults. We love that we give students these skills that they can use to perform well with whatever they are faced with. It’s great to be part of PPSEL!

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