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Monday, January 14th - Students filled out a KWL chart on the Louisiana Purchase and read a short article about the reasons and challenges behind the purchase. We watched a short introductory video into the Corps of Discovery (, followed by a partner read of articles on Meriwether Lewis and William Clark with a note catcher. 

Tuesday, January 15th - We will begin class by reviewing how to make inferences and using a graphic organizer to continue practicing how to make inferences from text. We will begin a research project and presentation about the Native American tribes that were encounters by the Corps of Discovery. If time, we will work on mapping the Louisiana Purchase and travels by the Corps of Discovery using the journals of members on the trip. 

Wednesday, January 16th - Today will be a work day for students on their research project. Students must submit their rough draft portions for feedback and revisions before beginning their final drafts. 

Thursday, January 17th - all students will complete the STAR reading assessment at the beginning of class. Upon finishing, students will work on the map assignment. 

Friday, January 18th - students will need to finish any map work or other pending assignments not yet completed. If students are totally caught up, they will have Free Read Friday. 

Tuesday, January 8th - Today we kicked off our new expedition by looking at a number of different interpretations of American Westward expansion. We worked on the first 4 pages of our BBK packet. 

Wednesday, January 9th - We continued our BBK packet by reading an article titled, "An Overview of U.S. Westward Expansion," text coding it and writing an over all summary of what the article said. We debriefed the 3 different perspectives of Westward Expansion we've seen so far (Native American, white settlers and slavery). See page 5 of our BBK packet for instructions. 

Thursday, January 10th - Today we looked at a jigsaw of different articles that were written about important events in Westward Expansion (Indian Removal Act, Oregon Trail, Missouri Compromise and Gold Rush). Using page 6 of our BBK packet, students read one of the 4 articles, took notes then shared with their table groups. We will then reflect on our guiding questions of our expedition and finish our BBK packet. 

Friday, January 11th - Today we will have Free Read Friday, so please have students bring their approved book!

Mrs. Schmits is beginning her first year at PPSEL as the History through Reading teacher, after teaching for the previous two years in Westminster, CO. She graduated from CU Boulder in 2011 with a Bachelor's degree in International Affairs and is currently working on her MA in Curriculum and Instruction, which she hopes to complete next year. In her free time, Mrs. Schmits love playing with her dog Merlin, spending time with her husband, creating things and doing CrossFit. She has traveled to 45 countries, loves hiking and being outside, and reading.