PPSEL Construction Project Beginning

construction project

Hello PPSEL Crew!

I am excited to tell you that our construction project is starting! As a reminder, it will bring added spaces for small group work and additional security measures.

It does come with obstacles for the last 36 days of school, though.  I need your help to make sure the next 36 school days go as smoothly as possible.

Monday morning will likely look the same as it usually does, but then mid-morning Monday, we should be in full blown construction. At that time, the only entrance to the school will shift from our normal entrance to the north doors. For the rest of the school year, the north doors will be the main entrance to the school.
Morning Drop-off
Mornings will have one major change: all students will enter the north doors.  For some of you, this won’t change anything.  For those that normally use the front doors, you will need to shift to the north doors. We will have extra staff outside, especially initially, to help it go as smoothly as possible.  This means drop-off might take a little extra time, so you may want to leave a few minutes early. BE PATIENT! We need our students and families to be safe.
Mid-Day Preschool Families
For preschool families that are only half day, please utilize the north doors.
Afternoon Pick-up
Teachers will still bring students around in the same manner as before.  The only change for them will be that they will do a “walk around” and re-enter building through the north doors if their parents are not there.
As construction gets going, the workers will be taking some of the space of the gravel spots “up the hill” on the north side, which will impact parking. It will add one more layer to this, but we hope you can all be understanding for these 36 days.
We can all do this if we give a LOT of understanding, show a lot of patience, and keep our families safe (go slowly!). Our motto is “We are CREW, not passengers” because we count on YOU to be as much of a leader (crew member) as anyone else.  We need all of you to know that the end of this is going to be amazing for the school, but we need your help in the meantime. We know that school parking lots are not always fun, and with more happening, we need to give a lot of understanding to each other.
Let me know about any questions I can answer.